Sensory Charged Video:
How to unlock your product experience, online.

Creating sensory-led eCommerce content for the world’s leading brands.

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How can sensory supercharge your brand?

The current boost in eCommerce is here to stay as consumers look for more engaging ways to interact with brands and products.

So how can your product break through the constraints of the online shopping environment and stand out to consumers against the competition?

Sensory Charged Videos bring to life what it really feels like to experience a brand or product.

Distinctive, product-led short form content allows for deeper consumer connection, reinvigorating opportunities for impulse purchases and supporting key brand value perceptions with emotive, immersive, experiences across product description pages.

What is it, exactly?

  • Experience-led, tailored video content that boosts engagement and drives sales.
  • Deconstruction of your product experience by sensory experts.
  • Your key sensorial, emotional and functional brand moments brought to life through film.

And the benefits?

  • Distinctive, memorable, immersive content that triggers consumer desire.
  • Increased brand value perception.
  • Compelling support for trade and eCommerce sell-in strategies

Our Process


We begin by exploring the user experience of your product in detail, working with a team of Sensory Scientists from our sister agency MMR Research. They’re able to deconstruct the entire sensory experience of your product, within a competitive context, which allows us to understand from a consumer’s point of view which key moments truly matter and which are unique to your brand.

This expert sensory lens takes Sensory Charged Video far and beyond typical product film and photography, capturing the holistic experience of your brand, packaging and product.


We then collaborate and develop rich, emotive language to align your brand message with the product experience.

This allows us to champion the key sensory moments, through the messaging of your brand to generate a concise and clear communications brief.


Next we get to storyboarding the ideal creative realisation of your product experience and brand equities.

This is where we bring in our Creative Directors to identify the ideal flow, content style and production plan to bring your video to life.


Our in-house production team transforms the sensory, product and brand insights into a compelling creative film, bespoke for your brand, strategy, direction and product.

A sensory charged video to showcase a sensory charged experience.


To ensure your video is truly singing the same tune as your brand, we can validate the performance of your film with consumers through a simulated eCommerce platform.

Validating the messaging, creative, understanding and experience of your sensory charged video can give further ammunition for retailer buyer conversations, and ensure the very best edits make it to your social media platforms.

Case Study: Biotiful Dairy

Bringing product experience to life through sensory video

Biotiful wanted to take a proactive approach to capture valuable impulse sales as grocery shopping was experiencing a rapid transition online.

After MMR's sensory experts and target consumers deconstructed the full product experience, a creative brief was formed.

Our talented video production team delivered a suite of social and eCommerce edits within a few short weeks which the brand put to use straight away.

The result? Increase in online brand share, distinctiveness and memorability. Not to be taken for granted in an increasingly challenging retail environment.

Biotiful achieved this using the Standard Package

Impactful Results
Online brand share
Brand distinctiveness
Brand memorability

Our Packages

From £9,500
Sensory Deconstruction
  • Expert sensory consultants evaluate and deconstruct your product within competitive context
  • Detailed sensory cameos of up to 10 products assessed across usage touchpoints
Production Planning
  • Creative brief
  • Storyboard & script
Production & Outputs
  • 20 second Sensory Charged Video
  • Blend of bespoke & stock footage
  • Multi-channel format for use on all social platforms
Example Output
From £19,000
In addition to Standard:
Sensory Deconstruction
  • MMR’s trained expert sensory panel will interrogate and quantify key distinctive elements of the experience of up to six products identified by the expert sensory consultant category review
  • Beyond detailed cameos a 1hr sensory consultation with our experts offers clear recommendations for key sensory focus points to be included in the video
Production Planning
  • Model and/or actor sourcing
  • Storyboarding for 3 sensory burst edits
Production & Outputs
  • Studio based footage
  • Full camera crew, lighting & studio set up
  • 1 model/actor
  • 3 sensory burst edits up to 40 seconds each
Example Output
From £49,500
In addition to Plus:
Sensory Deconstruction
  • Further deconstruction of your product & brand experience with target consumers
  • Exploration of product experience and key ASMR factors with up to 4 articulate, creative consumers in two 2hr virtual workshops, led by MMRs expert sensory consultants
  • Pinpoint the ideal consumer moments of truth for additional creative direction
Production Planning
  • Full, detailed pre production with one of our Creative Directors
Production & Outputs
  • 30 second Sensory Charged Video
  • Bespoke on location footage
  • 2 models/actors
  • Make up artist and stylists
  • Sound engineer
  • 2 sensory burst edits -10 seconds each
  • 4 sensory burst edits 5 seconds each
Example Output

What's it all about?

We get that sometimes you’ll be after a little more info, but aren’t quite ready to get in touch. Have a browse through our frequently asked questions and then drop us a line.
What is a Sensory Charged Video?

Sensory Charged Videos are short 10-30 second films showcasing the very best of your product experience. To develop the ideal Sensory Charged Video, we bring together sensory scientists to explore your product (and the wider competitive space) and evaluate the characteristics that make it unique and exciting for consumers. With this expert sensory lens and further consumer feedback as required, we define the key moments of truth for your product and storyboard the ideal product experience to bring to life in short form content. Sensory Charged Videos bring to life the experience of your product that’s lost online. It’s exciting and engaging product-led film, ideal for eCommerce and social media platforms.

How much does it cost?

A Sensory Charged video varies in price based on the level of sensory & consumer input, the degree and detail of pre-production as well as the proportion of bespoke to stock footage developed. Each Sensory Charged Video is developed and costed based on your specific requirements, but we’ve split out in to three different levels with our Standard Package starting from £9,500.

What type of outputs do I get from a Sensory Charged Video?

This depends on which package you decide to do with, but Standard Package outputs include 1 x 20 second video all the way up to our Premium Package which includes 7 edits of different lengths and formats based on your needs.

What level of involvement is needed by my team?

A Sensory Charged Video is most effective when you work closely with us throughout the process. A close working relationship with regular check-ins to ensure that the product deconstruction, brand equity exploration and creative communication stages are relevant, exciting and sensory charged throughout.

What regions can you cover?

The good news is, we are global. MMR’s sensory experts are based in the UK, US, Singapore and China so can deconstruct any product in any market. Our video production experts work across the globe and deliver seamless creative outputs as they work closely with the project management team.

I’m interested, what are the next steps?

All you need to do is get in touch. Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with a meeting invitation to discuss your needs.

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