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Smarter insight-led packaging design: a formula for success

Research > insights > creative > testing

Consumers (or rather shoppers) are faced with thousands of product choices every single day. One of the ways to set your product up for success (as well as having a great product to begin with) is great packaging. Afterall, most brands take a very in-depth approach to NPD, so why should packaging design be any different? 

To make sure our packaging designs resonate with the right audience, we take an holistic and thorough approach. The winning formula? Research and insights feed into the creative development. Then we test the creative and packaging designs with the target audience before finalising the packaging.


Making every detail count

When it comes to packaging design it’s the small, nuanced details that can make the difference between purchase/trial and being overlooking, especially when you have a particular consumer in mind. Every small detail can have an impact on engaging your target audience at the deepest level to generate sales.

Obviously standout and disruption are key to attracting attention on shelf. But once you have achieved this (which is no easy feat) how do you entice the shopper to make that all-important first purchase (without promos, discounts and incentives). And more importantly, how can you build the brand for resonance and repeat purchase? 

One of the ways of doing this is through a tactical approach to creative – one that’s underpinned by market research consumer/shopper insight, competitor analysis and packaging design testing.


Packaging design that truly resonates with a target audience and begins a brand narrative

Client: Jasper Hill Farm, Vermont, USA

Objective: Redesign a premium cheese offering and packaging for the entire range to appeal to a more affluent audience and assist penetration into new distribution channels.

The first stage of research we carried out involved on-pack messaging and claims hierarchy. We tested over 20 claims with the target audience and “100% natural” was the most appealing claim and worth paying more for. “Premium cheese”, “award winning cheese” and “matured for flavour” were also top contenders for worthiness and appeal.

As a result of this research (and post insight/testing of messaging clusters), the key claims selected for the packaging were:

• 100% natural

• Award winning

• Handmade on our family farm

• Grass-fed cows

The research was conducted with a robust sample of over 300 target shoppers and included: participant screening, testing individual and cluster claim appeal, BWS claims trade-off appeal and statements worth paying more for.


Enabling a brand equity

We also developed a visual identity and brand positioning based around the incumbent brand strapline of “A taste of place”, which at that point had little meaning to consumers. We underpinned and tested what this means for Jasper Hill Farm, and more importantly, shoppers and consumers – through the lens of: location, people, ambition and product.


Based on this exploration, the end result was the following on-pack narrative:

At Jasper Hill Farm in the Highlands of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, everything we are goes into every cheese we make.

We are a community.

Expertly crafting award-winning cheeses as unique and full of character as our landscape and family of artisan cheesemakers.

It’s what we call… A taste of place.”

To visualise ‘A taste of place’ we commissioned a leading illustrator to create a bespoke panoramic illustration of Jasper Hill Farm and landscape, which was applied across the range to provide an ownable holistic visual brand identity across all SKUs.


Validating our designs

We tested a number of design concepts to make sure the brand narrative and visual identity worked hand-in-hand and resonated with the target shopper.

This provided insight on appeal, propensity to purchase, likes and dislikes, messaging resonance and ultimately guided our decision on the final design concept.

A range of illustration styles were also tested to truly understand and appreciate the synergy between brand narrative and visual representation.  


The results

• A robust and coherent final packaging design that has been researched and tested with the target shopper/consumer prior to launch

• Meaningful messaging and ownable creative that’s distinctive for all the right reasons

• A new look and feel that elevates the branding in line with the premium quality of the cheese

• A holy trinity of high-quality product/brand/packaging that’s perfectly aligned, tested and ready for market – to aid Jasper Hill Farm’s repositioning and penetration objectives.


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