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Free Social Media Clinic:

quick wins and long-term gains

Businesses are facing mounting pressure in a digital world – one where consumers spend more time online and demand more from their digital experience. Now more than ever, social media marketing is an important weapon to have in your arsenal.

  • But is your social media working as hard as it could be?
  • Is your strategy getting the results you want?
  • Are you using each platform to its best potential?
  • And are you allocating budget in the right areas?

We can help…

Get answers at our free
Social Media Clinic

We’re offering a free consultation in social media best practice. At the end of the session, you’ll leave with a list of tangible quick wins that will improve the performance of your social media. The aim is to unearth any problems you might be struggling with and provide some simple solutions you can action straight away.

Simply email Max to book your session: [email protected]

Once you’ve booked your session, our social media consultant will take a look at your areas of concern and do an audit based on the information provided. You can choose to cover any of the following topics:

  • Social media strategy – Including social media channel backgrounds, info channel setup and page structure.
  • Paid advertising – Including paid advertising objectives, paid advertising best practice, industry standards, and lead generation.
  • Content & Conversation – Including content creation, content performance, content best practice, community management, crisis comms, customer service, and paid advertising.
  • Analysis & Reporting – Including the benefits of reporting, insights & recommendations, data collection and storage.

Still unsure?

Improving brand recognition and building brand loyalty are just two reasons why you might want to dedicate more time and budget to your social media strategy. But if you’re looking for something even more concrete than that, then just consider your sales leads.

According to Hubspot, studies show that lead conversion rates are 13% higher through social media compared to other channels. So when done right, your social media platforms can become a vital part of your sales journey.

Barriers to success

Many time-strapped businesses managing their social media in-house struggle to give their social media channels the time they need to really be effective. Others just don’t have the knowledge to navigate the ins and outs of each platform and make social really work for them.

If any of that sounds familiar, then we can help. The technology and the innovative strategies we use within the agency can help you optimise and improve this channel for your business.

Interested? Book your session now

For more information about our social media clinics or to book your session, please email [email protected]

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